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We offer up-to-day advice for persons who are ill, facing nursing home expenses or other end of life considerations or persons who just want to prepare for these situations.  We train two to three days every year for all updates.  Part of the documents we use are “elder care plans” in which we analyze a person’s assets and recommend how they might be saved from costly medical and nursing home expenses, and how to apply for Medicaid and Veterans aid and assistance, without losing total control of what they own.  By doing the above, we can save the family considerable funds that would otherwise be dissipated in healthcare costs, nursing homes and with other difficult options or choices.  


We utilize trusts,  including revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, income only trusts, estate and real estate protector trusts, and personal needs  trusts.  Trusts of all kinds are created to the client’s special needs and concerns.  Part of the elder care planning is to have an appropriate financial power of attorney form because Pennsylvania’s power of attorney law has changed under Act 95 effective January 1, 2015.  Also,  a Health Care Power of Attorney is an essential part of an estate planning package and the Commonwealth has prescribed the form that you need, not one made up by a doctor or a nurse.  The forms we use are prescribed by Pennsylvania’s State Legislature, enacted into law, which allow disclosure of medical information, the right to make medical decisions when a person cannot communicate, make and understand a medical decision and also provides a living will when a person is brain dead or in an irreversible coma with no realistic hope of significant recovery.


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