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It is important for every person to provide for the orderly transfer of their assets of all kinds.  This can be done through a will, a revocable or irrevocable trust or outright gifting.


An inter vivos trust is a will substitute and is basically a basket or filing cabinet for assets that would be transferred prior to death through deeds, bills of sale or other transfer documents.  Failing to make such arrangements could cause an individual to lose assets at death or otherwise lose the right to designate their own beneficiary or executor.  A Will will only pass assets at death that are in the decedent’s name alone.  This does not include named beneficiaries on assets, life insurance, IRAs or retirement accounts.


Our office will provide an analysis of your assets, prepare elder care plans, help people to provide means to pay for expenses, including nursing and personal care homes and to face many other situations when changes occur in their life.  Also, we help the families by estate administration, representing executors, and trustees.  It is important to obtain an attorney who has many years of experience in these matters,  who is up to date on his knowledge and training and can provide plans to protect family assets from death taxes and nursing home expenses.  We so qualify. Call us for a free consultation at our office.

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